A Holiday for Heroes was formed in 2005, our mission was to support our armed forces and their families for the sacrifices they had made for this country. In 2015 we expanded our mission to include police officers, firefighters and EMTs. We provide support by funding scholarships for the children of our Military and First Responders who have had their formative years affected by their parent’s service to our country and communities. We also provide support grants to families of our Military and First Responders who are in need.


We recognize our Military, First Responders and Their families at three unique events where we fund our Scholarships and Grants, throughout the year:

  • Our signature event, “The 4th for Our Soldiers” a unique and patriotic event honoring exclusively our Military personnel and their Families. 15th Annual event on Sept 12th, more information coming soon.
  • A first class golf outing at Triple Crown Country Club in Northern Kentucky, including a dinner and silent auction.
  • The Battle of the Badge, featuring our police and firefighters in a sanctioned boxing event with participants currently from Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. 

A Holiday for Heroes Mission Statement:

      To honor and empower the families and children of our NATION’S MILITARY
and FIRST RESPONDERS who have been wounded or killed in the line of duty.

God Bless Our Military, Our First Responders and God Bless America